Agathe Vernerey


"I dedicated my work to the theme of the nature memory, which is in my view best represented by landscape and organic shapes.
Theoretically, I am working in a landscape tradition connected with the “Romantic and Sublime”. This work is experimental since I do not intend to get a “finished” work but I am rather interested in creating intuitive drawings reflecting the main idea I want to develop.
Referring to this subject, my work is mainly concentrated on the relationship between opposite elements such as full/empty, light/shadow, rhythm/balance, realism/abstraction, opaque/transparency that surround me in nature.
To experiment this idea, I’ve started to paint abstract organic shapes with Indian ink and coffee...slowly those drawings became some abstract landscapes in which I included black and white photography of natural elements creating a new present reality in my work."

"L'univers de mes travaux se construit à partir de la relation entre le vide et le plein, l'équilibre des contrastes et des lignes épurées qui se répondent. Cette vision traduit une pensée, une émotion intérieure, et donne naissance à des formes organiques ou imaginaires qui se rencontrent, s’accouplent, se confrontent, fusionnent, pour finalement s'évanouir ne laissant alors qu'une trace "visible" de leur passage.
Ce travail s’élabore de façon spontanée et directe avec une volonté d'aller à l'essentiel. Chaque création traduit le désir et l’accomplissement d’une nouvelle expérience."